How It Works



Churches and Organizations

First pick a plan, we have a range of plans designed to fit most churches and organizations.

While every church is different, plans are designed with the intention that about 8% of a congregation will listen to a 20 minute sermon for a small (Entry level), medium (Standard level), or large (Premium level) church, once every week.

But don't worry if you go over your plan minutes, because your callers won't get locked out. All plans (except Personal) will simply bill you the low per-minute rate to get you through the month, or you can also upgrade and downgrade anytime to get more or fewer minutes.

Personal use

And if you want to make it easy for someone you know to listen to their favorite podcast you can subscribe to the Personal level, which is perfect for listening to any 25 minute sermon or podcast every week.


Add your podcast



As soon as you've signed up, all you need is the URL of your existing podcast feed:

  1. Enter the name of your podcast.
    This title will be announced to the caller when they call.
  2. Enter the URL of your existing podcast feed.
    Don't have a podcast or don't know what the URL is? Contact us and we can help you out!

Your Podcast Code

Once you've added your podcast you'll get a six-digit podcast code that your members can use to listen when they call any of our global call-in numbers.

Alternatively, if you're subscribed to the Standard or Premium level, for an additional small monthly fee you can also add a dedicated number for your callers so they don't have to remember anything...they just call in and listen!

That's it!

Just continue updating your podcast as your normally do, we handle the rest automatically!


Manage your podcasts



All your users need is access to a phone. They just dial any of our global numbers, enter the six-digit podcast code you give them, and then listen at their convenience...all at no charge them to them.

And if you've added a dedicated number, they won't even need to remember or enter a six-digit code, as soon as they call the number they will start listening!

Note: While Dial-a-Podcast does not impose any fees on callers, dialing long distance or international numbers would be charged at the callers carriers rate — as one would normally expect.


Why Dial-a-Podcast?

Church attendence by age in the US

Church attendance by age

According to Pew's latest poll, American's 65 and older were the most likely to attend church, with 48% attending weekly.

Internet usage by age

However, in the current environment where those 65+ years old are at risk of COVID-19, many are not able to attend church in person. Many of us have turned to online video streaming so we can attend church virtually, but a 2019 Pew Research Study shows that 27% of American's aged 65 and over do not use the internet.

Internet usage by age in the US
Telephone access by age in the US

Telephone access by age

Yet, telephone access remains a near universal access system with a 2004 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report showing 96.1% of US adults 55 and older have either a cell phone and/or land line. This makes it an ideal and easy-to-use medium for sharing audio content.

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