Extend Your Reach to Your Missing Audience

An Alternative Podcast Listening Option for Unique Circumstances

Welcome to Dial‑a‑Podcast – your solution to reach a wider, more inclusive audience with your content! Dial‑a‑Podcast is an excellent solution to reach those with limited access to technology, a minimal understanding of listening software, and even for times when you can’t bring your audience together in one place. Sign up for Dial‑a‑Podcast and help your audience enjoy an easy and familiar listening experience.

Types of extended audience members for Dial-a-Podcast clients including an elderly man in black suit wearing eyeglasses while using his mobile phone
Types of extended audience members for Dial-a-Podcast clients including a man wearing a military uniform and walking through the woods
Types of extended audience members for Dial-a-Podcast clients including a baby with his parents in place with limited internet access
Types of extended audience members for Dial-a-Podcast clients including a man in a face mask
Types of extended audience members for Dial-a-Podcast clients including a senior woman in a wheelchair
Types of extended audience members for Dial-a-Podcast clients including a person driving a car
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Reach Anyone, Practically Anywhere

With Dial‑a‑Podcast, your audience doesn’t need an internet signal to hear what you’ve got to say. Whether you’re a religious leader trying to spread your message, or just a podcaster trying to reach a broader fanbase, Dial‑a‑Podcast will work for you.

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No New Tech Required

The best part about Dial‑a‑Podcast is that neither you, nor your subscribers, have to download any new technology! Our administrative dashboard is incredibly user-friendly, and it’s easy to upload up to 10 audio files at a time for your call-in listeners to enjoy. Your audience simply has to dial their phone – the same way they call any friends or family – and can even save your dedicated number to their favorites for one-click listening!

99.9%+ Uptime

Dial‑a‑Podcast leverages cutting-edge technology from industry leaders to ensure seamless and uninterrupted listening — anytime and anywhere. Our commitment to reliability, backed by trusted infrastructure providers, guarantees a 99.9% uptime rate, which means your message or podcast can be available to subscribers 24/7/365.

30-Day Worry-Free Trial

If you’re a small church, small business, or just getting started, you’re probably a little budget conscious. That’s why we offer a 30-Day Worry-Free Trial! Sign up and snag your number, and rest easy that if you don’t like it after a month, you’re not locked into a long-term contract!

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Want to Try the User Experience?

Test out the experience your audience will have by calling into hear the latest sermon from one of our clients, Messiah Lutheran Church!

Simply dial 206-558-0087 and start listening!

Frequently Asked Questions


For podcasters with shorter weekly episodes and less than 5 regular extended audience members

$ 9 /mo
  • Base Monthly Listener Minutes: 250
  • Extra Listening: 3.5¢ / Listener Minute
  • One Podcast
  • 30 Day Worry-Free Trial

Standard Recommended

For podcasters with more than 5 extended audience members, or daily episodes. Save over 17%

$ 29 /mo
  • Base Monthly Listener Minutes: 1000
  • Extra Listening: 2.5¢ / Listener Minute
  • Three Podcasts
  • Pre-roll audio before each episode
  • 30 Day Worry-Free Trial


For podcasters who want to maximize their impact. Higher capacity, higher opportunity for engagement. Save nearly 30%!

$ 99 /mo
  • Base Monthly Listener Minutes: 4000
  • Extra Listening: 1.9¢ / Listener Minute
  • Nine Podcasts
  • Pre-roll audio before each episode

All plans include:

  • Use existing RSS feed or upload audio
  • Up to 10 episodes per podcast
  • One Dedicated Local Number
  • Optional Dedicated Toll-Free Number
  • Global Access Numbers

Customers love us

Check out what some of our long-time podcast partners have to say.

We've been able to provide a way for members to listen to the weekly sermons without them needing to use a computer or internet-connected device, which has been a great blessing!

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Grace Lutheran Church
Nathan Beethe
Grace Lutheran Church
Auburn, Michigan

For years, people have bemoaned the inability to listen to our podcasts. They simply lacked a listening device or the technological knowledge. What a great service Dial-a-Podcast has provided for "The Word of the Lord Endures Forever!" Our daily, 15-minute, verse-by-verse Bible study can now reach an even bigger audience!

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Luther Public Radio logo
Lutheran Public Radio
Collinsville, Illinois