Dial-a-Podcast was started in 2020 during the worldwide shutdown, when our founder saw a need within his church family to better reach their elderly population. Being a lifelong digital junkie and a current aerospace engineer, he took matters into his own hands to create a solution that was easy to use for both his church and their congregation.

We've been able to provide a way for members to listen to the weekly sermons without them needing to use a computer or internet-connected device, which has been a great blessing!

Nathan Beethe
Grace Lutheran Church

Since then, the platform has grown to other churches with similar needs, and has served them well – even post-pandemic. We have a goal of growing the platform even further to help podcast creators reach their most extended audiences, to include:

  • A growing senior and elderly population who may not know how to use a podcast app
  • Deployed military service members without access to a cell phone or apps
  • Families living off the grid with limited Wi-Fi
  • Folks driving older vehicles with limited streaming capabilities
  • Senior care and nursing facilities looking for enrichment opportunities for their residents

Since 2020, we’ve helped podcast and sermon creators share over 131,308 minutes of their content and messages, and have reached more than 7,329 unique subscribers!