01 Subscribe

After you've created an account and confirmed your email address, you'll pick a plan.

Person signing up for Dial-a-Podcast on their computer
Example screenshot adding a podcast
Example screenshot adding an audiofile
02 Setup Your Audio

Once you’ve signed up, you can add your audio!

  1. Enter the name of your podcast or the title of your file. This will be announced to the caller.
  2. Enter your RSS URL or upload your audio file.

Once you’ve linked your audio, it will be assigned a six-digit podcast code that your audience can use from any of our global call-in numbers.

Can’t find your podcast URL, or need help with your audio file? Contact us and we can help!

03 Choose Your Phone Number

With all plans you also get a dedicated local number* included! You can easily search for a number within any area code you want.

* (US and Canada only, currently)

Add your dedicated number
Listening to Dial-a-Podcast is easy, all you need is a phone!
04 Listen

All your users need is access to a phone. They just dial the dedicated number you selected and then listen at their convenience...all at no charge them to them.*

If you have listeners in other countries, they can also dial any of our global numbers and enter the six-digit podcast code.

* Note: While Dial-a-Podcast does not impose any fees on callers, dialing long distance or international numbers would be charged at the callers carriers rate — as one would normally expect.

That's it!

Just continue updating your podcast as your normally do, we handle the rest automatically!


Keeping up with your content on Dial-a-Podcast is easy. Once you login, you can manage uploaded audio files, change your RSS link, add new podcast links, grab your listening code, add a local number, and see all of your billing details at a glance.

Managing your podcast is easy through the dashboard