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24 July 2023

Multi-Episode and Future Episode Support

Hello! I've got some exciting Dial-a-Podcast news with TWO new features!

Multi-Episode Support for your Podcast Feed or Audio File allows you to provide up to 10 episodes for your listeners. Now your listeners won't need to worry about missing a week!

Future Episode Support allows you to set a future publish date for any of your episodes. We'll hold on to that episode and not make it available until that time you chose, then it will automatically become available. This is a great option if your on vacation and want to keep new episodes coming out while you're away.

Both of these features are already included in your subscription and there's no added cost! I think you'll love it!

Future Episode Support is already enabled, but for Multi-Episode Support we're not turning it on by default in case you still want to only provide the latest episode (you can also turn it off at any time if you do enable it).

Details on enabling Multi-Episode Support:

  • Log in to dialapodcast.com
  • Select the "Edit" option next to your podcast
  • Tick "Enable multiepisode" and select "Update"

...that's it!

If have have a Podcast Feed, there's nothing else for you to do. Like all things at Dial-a-Podcast it will just work like magic with nothing else for you to do!

If you have an Audio Feed, you'll now have a new option to "Upload and Add Episode".

What your callers will hear with Multi-Episode Support:

Once enabled, your callers will now have a choice: press 1 to listen to the latest episode or press 2 to listen to a prior episode.

If they press 1️⃣, the latest episode will automatically play, as before.

If they press 2️⃣, they will have another menu where the last 9 episodes will be presented as options. They just need to press the corresponding number at anytime to select that episode.

In either case, once they reach the end of an episode the will also the option to listen to the next or previous episode, or return to the menu to pick a different episode.