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13 June 2024

Introducing Pre-roll: A New Feature to Boost Your Podcast’s Impact!

We are thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to Dial-a-Podcast: the Pre-roll feature! This exciting new capability is available for the Standard and Premier plans and allows podcast creators to add a customized audio message before each episode, providing a unique opportunity to engage listeners right from the start.

What is Pre-roll?

Pre-roll refers to a short audio clip that plays before your podcast episode begins. This could be an advertisement, a sponsorship message, a special message from your organization, an invitation to attend an event or religious service, or any announcement that you wish to share with your audience.

How Does It Work?

It's simple! In the Dial-a-Podcast dashboard, you'll find a new section labeled "Pre-roll". Here, you can upload your pre-recorded audio file and assign it to one or more of your podcasts. You have complete control over the content, and it can be easily updated at any time.

Benefits of Using Pre-roll

  1. Monetization: Pre-roll ads can be a great way to monetize your podcast by promoting sponsorships or advertisements.
  2. Listener Engagement: Grab your listeners' attention with compelling pre-show content, setting the stage for the episode they are about to enjoy.
  3. Flexibility:You can tailor pre-roll messages for each of your podcasts with just a few clicks.

Setting Up Your First Pre-roll

Adding a pre-roll is straightforward:

  1. Navigate to the "Pre-roll" section on your Dial-a-Podcast dashboard and select "Add Pre-roll"
    Screenshot of the Pre-roll section in the Dial-a-Podcast dashboard. The section includes a description stating ‘Use a Pre-roll to play an audio file before every episode.’ Below is a green button labeled ‘Add Pre-roll’.
  2. Enter a name for your pre-roll and select the audio file you want to use. Then click "Upload"
    Screenshot of the Pre-roll upload interface. The interface shows fields for ‘Name’ and ‘Audio file’ with an uploaded file named ‘advert_final.mp3’. There are two buttons at the bottom: ‘Upload’ in green and ‘Cancel and go back’ in orange.
  3. Back at the dashboard, click "Edit" on the podcast you want to have the pre-roll for.
  4. Select your pre-roll and click "Update". Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each podcast you want to use the pre-roll for.
    Screenshot of the Update Podcast page in the Dial-a-Podcast dashboard. The page includes fields for ‘Title’ and a checkbox for ‘Enable multi-episode’. A dropdown menu for selecting a Pre-roll is shown with ‘30s Advert for Universal Exports’ selected. Buttons at the bottom read ‘Update’ in green and ‘Cancel and go back’ in orange, with a red ‘Delete this podcast’ button
  5. You can quickly see what podcasts have been assigned a pre-roll from the dashboard
    Screenshot of the Pre-roll management section in the Dial-a-Podcast dashboard. The section shows a table with columns for ‘List’, ‘Pre-roll Status’, and ‘Podcast’. The table includes an entry for ‘30s Advert for Universal Exports’ with a green check mark under ‘Pre-roll Status’ and two podcasts listed: ‘My Awesome Podcast’ and ‘My Other Awesome Podcast’. There is a green ‘Add Pre-roll’ button at the bottom left and a yellow ‘Edit’ button on the right.

And that's it! Your pre-roll will now play before each episode!

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