Logos & Pictures

Dial-a-Podcast logo, stacked version

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Dial‑a‑Podcast Logo Stacked (square)

Dial-a-Podcast logo, wide version

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Dial‑a‑Podcast Logo Wide

Audience Reach Graphic, show six different scenes of people who might use Dial-a-Podcast to stay connected

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Audience Reach Graphic


Please use the following copy as the basis for any plugs you may do as part of your podcast:

We’re proud to partner with Dial‑a‑Podcast, a unique solution that allows us to reach an even broader audience with our messages. Dial‑a‑Podcast extends the reach of your content, and is great for podcast creators, churches, or any organization with an audio-based message. With Dial‑a‑Podcast’s easy-to-implement solution, you’ll quickly be able to reach more people with no fancy technology, equipment, or even complicated instructions! Dial‑a‑Podcast allows you to set up a normal telephone number where your audience can call in at their convenience to hear what you have to say! Adding a dial-in feature to your podcast or message allows you to reach those with limited access to technology, a minimal understanding of listening software, or for times when you just can’t bring your audience together. If you’re struggling to reach your missing audience, try Dial‑a‑Podcast free for 30 days – learn more and get started at DialAPodcast.com!